Columbine Memorial Page
I have built this website in memorial to all the students from Colorado. I feel that the Lord had directed me to do this website. I am a born-again Christian who cares about what is going on in this nation and my condolences go out to all the men, women, and children who were killed or injured as a result of school violence, and their loved ones. Earlier last week, there were memorial services for the people who have lost their lives in Colorado as well in Oklahoma. My prayers and condolences are with them. I am using this website to glorify God and to help others understand this time of tragedy. I believe that God is the ONLY one with all of the answers. We are living in a time where there are so many unanswered questions and so many uncertainties. I know that I cannot eliminate the pain or anything like that, but I hope that I can "bring a helping hand" sort of speak, for lack of better words.
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Gift of Love

This page is a memorial to the lives of 15 people, all with their lives cut short. Some are athletes, some were the among the smartest kids in class, and one was a teacher all of us wished we could have had. He was the teacher all of us look back at because he or she was the special teacher in our lives. He was a father, a teacher, and a grandfather. Another was a student, one who died for her faith in God. Many of the slain had a professed belief in God. A belief in a loving Father who guides us, who keeps us, and who is there in the worst of times. All of the victims are your average everyday people, your neighbor, your father, your children. There are no monsters, just that the actions were monstrous. This tragedy, and Littleton, Colorado, summarizes the best and the worst of this nation. We need God in our lives, our hearts, and this nation. We all need to pray for this nation, that tragedies like this can never be prevented.

Messages of Condolences
You can write messages of condolences to all the victims of tragic shootings. I will contact the mayor of Denver/Littleton with our messages of condolences.
You may also contact me at and that I can contact the mayor from here.

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