Prayer Requests
Welcome to the Prayer Request Page
Please pray for:
The Continent of Africa
Those who are persecuted based on religion, race, or gender
Safety in our America's schools
Plane crash in France where 109 people were killed
Churches and ministries worldwide
Those in war-torn nations
Middle East Peace
Godly leadership
World leaders

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Angels: God's Messengers

If there are other requests that you have, send them to

God Does Answer Prayer. Put Your Trust in Him.
Proverbs 3:5-6 says that we should acknowledge Him in all our ways. In other words, let go and let God. God is the only one with the ability to handle it. He can do anything.

Without Him, all things would be impossible. In the flesh, His Son Jesus Christ performed numerous miracles, including raising the dead and forgiving the sins of many. Jesus is the same for all time; He can and will do it for you, as long as you ask according to His will in His name, whether it be for salvation or wisdom.

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