April 20, 2000
Welcome to My new page. I hope that this page inspires and opens your own eyes.
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This image may either anger you or might make you cry. Let this known that this image is an image that cuts straight from the very core of the best and worst of inhumanity.
April 20, 2000
April 20, 2000 will be the first anniversary of the most infamous, as well as
other, tragedies in US history. Why? Because it has happened in our nation's
schools. We all have our opinions as to why it happened and whose fault it was,
but I hope within this year from this tragedy, we have all learned something, at
least what we can all do to prevent such tragedies from ever occurring again.
First and foremost, what we need to do is put aside our differences and come up
with a solution to this problem. All the politics in the world isn't going to do
anything for our nation's children. As for myself, what I have learned is that
Columbine 'symbolized' all with what is wrong in the United States. And if, as
we all do, read the newspaper, watch TV, and/or get our news online it seems as
if most of us haven't learned our lesson. From right now until whenever, let us
all take this time to remember ALL the victims of school shootings all across
the country and all over the world...and also on April, let us also take this
time to remember those victims of the Oklahoma bombing and their loved ones. It
has been five years since this has happened and for many of us, it has seemed to
have only been yesterday. Hopefully, if remembering a tragedy as if it happened
yesterday would actually make a difference, it is all worth

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